Content Portfolio – 2018

    „Learning nugget” in Video Format
    Subject: Taxes and Taxation
    Target Group: 9 – 12 yo students

    This mini-lessson is part of the TAXEDU project implemented by the European Commission. It employs multimedia to explain to young students the concept of Taxes and the reasons for having a Taxation System. The absence of interactivity is fully compensated by the animations, soundtrack and the way in which the content is structured and delivered. The end result is a compact educational resource which is appealing, effective and can be easily integrated in any lesson plan.

    Articulate Storyline Lesson
    Subject: Green Investments
    Target Group: Adult learners

    The lesson is part of a larger project implemented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, aiming to promote Green investment financing. This particular lesson was chosen to be the training program flagship and it employs an abundance of multimedia resources and interactive educational activities. It showcases the potential Articulate Storyline has as a development tool, using fully customized formats for the interface, navigation and for the educational activities.